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The Only Anode That Works in All Types of Water

The aluminum alloy used in Navalloy anodes is very different from normal aluminum. It includes about 5% zinc and a trace of Indium, which prevents the build up of an oxide layer.

Aluminum anode alloy provides more protection and lasts longer than zinc. It will continue to work in freshwater and is safe for use in salt water. Aluminum is the only anode that is safe for all applications.

Better Protection

Navalloy® has a higher protection voltage than zinc.

Longer Life

Navalloy® lasts up to 30-50% longer than zinc.

Environmentally Friendly

Navalloy® does not pollute - zinc is a toxic metal and pollutes the water. Navalloy® contains only about 5% zinc. Zinc anodes are 99.9% zinc. Environmental agencies have determined that zinc sacrificial anodes are a major cause of pollution in marinas and in some cases zinc anodes are being banned (Maryland).

Navalloy® anodes are made to the military specification MIL-DTL-24779B(SH) and contains approximately 95% aluminuum, 5% zinc, 0.02% indium and less than 0.3% of other trace elements. The alloy is cadmium free.